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Mandatory electronic engineers relationship with the Administration

06/10/2016  - 16/10/2016

Mandatory electronic engineers relationship with the Administration


In accordance with Article 14.2 c, of this law, industrial engineers and engineering graduates qualified for this profession are among those who administered necessarily have to be related to the administration electronically for procedures and actions carried out in the exercise of their professional activity, as to their profession requires mandatory association membership (art. 14.2 c of the Act). Also, this provision states that are required to interact electronically with government all legal persons, as well as those who represent them and, consequently, will also be affected societies engineering (Art. 14.2, letter a, of the Act). However, the law has delayed until October 2, 2018 the entry into force of the provisions on most of the instruments that enable the functioning of the administration electronically (seventh final provision).

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